Tarcisio Ambrosioni, stubborn forger and scissors maker, in 1962, for health reasons, must leave his dear Premana to search for alternative solution...

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The best of ...

His collecting way...

The knives illustrated belong to a young Lombard manager that is very interested to cutlery too thanks to the passion he has for hunting transmitted to him from his grandfather.
The need to have knives to use during shooting parties gave him the necessity to look for knives made with high quality material, adequate for the use and exclusive finishing.
For these reasons he started to look around and suddenly realized that to obtain what he really deseeded he had to rely on an expert.
Therefore he decided during a trip in the U.S.A. to buy a knife made only for him by an artisan and this way he discovered the world of knife makers that has brought him to have unique and precious pieces.
He is intelligent and acute.
After a long period of co-operation with knife makers from whom he has ordered knives always personalized, he decides to enlarge the group of artisans in order to obtain other big satisfactions.
His search continues, it will be interesting to see the results.

Eligio Ambrosioni

Three fighters made by Dietmar Kressler, 
interframe by  Jurgen Steinau

Integral utility Persian style made by Charles Bennica

Hidden tang dagger made by Graziano Cabona

Integral dagger of Dietmar Kressler

Folding made by Ron Lake with Wolf Loerchner collaboration

Rare hunting set drop-point and semi-skinner made by R.W.Loveless

Two different fixed blade made by R.W.Loveless

Two folding made by Warren Osborne

Small folding knife made by Francesco Pachì

"Celebros" all steel full integral knife made by Flavio Portelli

Rare "Bo Randall miniatures

Folding dagger made by James Schmidt

Old dagger made by Hermann Schneider, engraved by Lynton McEnzie
Folding double action made by Jurgen Steinau

The first knife made by Steve Johnson on year 2000

Prototypes of 3 different hunting knife made by Steve Johnson

Utility integral knife made by Reinhard Tschager

Integral hunting knife made by Ricardo Velarde to the collector; you can see the different style execution on the two side of the blade

Folding knife made by Robert Weinstock