Tarcisio Ambrosioni, stubborn forger and scissors maker, in 1962, for health reasons, must leave his dear Premana to search for alternative solution...

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The hammer and the ...

Maccaferri Roberto & figli snc presents itself:
Our firm is the only producer in Italy of spring power hammer for hot drop forging. The rising development of the production of artistic wrought iron needs the use of the spring power hammer more and more. Its advantages are:  easy to use and to maintain, reduces enormously the operator physical work, it's long-lasting and extremely reliable.
Our multiannual experience as constructors, together with the operator's help, has allowed us to introduce the following improvements:
- adjustable pedal to different heights and sensitivity in the stroke;
 - noise reduction;
 - protection of the mobile parts.

The new spring power hammer line, the only one to be entirely produced in Italy, presents three different models with stroking sledge hammer of 30-60-85 kg at low prices and spot delivery. 

Maccaferri Roberto & figli snc
via T. Edison n.  15 -  41012 Carpi  (MO) Italy
ph./fax  ++39 059 695946