Tarcisio Ambrosioni, stubborn forger and scissors maker, in 1962, for health reasons, must leave his dear Premana to search for alternative solution...

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                        Michele Sferragatta


"Cormoran" the knifemaker presents himself: 

"My Name is Michele SFERRAGATTA, My Job is In the Italian Army Aviation as Helicopter Pilot with a Rank of Lt.Col. but my real Passion are Blades. When I was Young, only as a passionate collectionist, I have always loved Regional Craftsman’s made Knifes. Long Time ago I went for Work in the Italian Island called “Sardinia”. There I start loving three things: The Local Poetry, my beloved Wife Rita and the Charm of the Sardinian Traditional Knives. I lived twenty Years over there and I Can assure you that for any passionate for Blades and Cutting metals it’s a real Paradise. Every town or village has more then one local Craftsman. For long time I have closely observed their wonderful work and I was really fascinated. One day I went to the Shop of Antonio MURGIA in Villacidro to buy a Knife. He saw my sincere appreciation of his work and propose me to Forge together my new Blade. Since then he became my Master and I never stop making Knives. So my passion became the true happiness in making wonderful Sardinian styles knives. I always follow the rules of the ancient tradition of the local Craftsman but I will also follow the perfection in new stiles and solutions in the constant search of perfection and beauty. I constantly miss the wonder of Sardinia, The smell of the sea and the freshness of the Mediterranean bush at the sunrise. From that Island I took away my wonderful Wife that always support me in breeding my passion and the poetry of the most wonderful knife of the world, Sardinian knife.

Nowadays, cause my job, I’m living in “Trentino Alto Adige” in a Village called “Roverè della Luna”. Since then I start loving this wonderful land of Lakes and Mountains and I start study the local ancient tradition of the “Tirolean” Knives.

The people always ask why “CORMORAN” is my brand name and I always say that every pilot has a nickname and that is it. This “nick” has always bring fortune to me and inspire a true sense of liberty. Everyone who has ever seen a Cormoran flying with his wings touching the weaves of the Ocean knows what I mean.

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Mozzetta avorio, argento e damasco Santino Ballestra