Tarcisio Ambrosioni, stubborn forger and scissors maker, in 1962, for health reasons, must leave his dear Premana to search for alternative solution...

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International Chips weels

A succesfull and expanding company

In 1975, Internation Chips produced 500 tons of plastic finishing media. Today, that figure has risen to 3,600 tons a year, and has a 4,000-square-meter factory on a site measuring 18,000 square meters. In the early days, it produced abrasives on a local scale; today exports throughout Europe, South America, and Middle and Far East. International Chips is earning itself an increasingly high worldwide reputation.
Over the years it has expanded and diversified to keep pace with customer demand. It has
acquired another company, Italbiber;  has invested in research, development and human resources; and it has broadened its product range. It started out producing polyester resin media; later, it expanded into flexible grinding wheels with polyurethane bonding agents, followed subsequently by cylindrical rollers for grinding ceramics and stone, and spheres for the production of abrasive segments.

The objective of International Chips has always been to use innovative technology, materials and
methods: this ensures exceptional results in term of cost effectiveness, productivity, and environment-friendliness.