Tarcisio Ambrosioni, stubborn forger and scissors maker, in 1962, for health reasons, must leave his dear Premana to search for alternative solution...

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The wonderfull 7

The Magnificent Seven

Charles Bennica, known and skilled knifemaker, realizer of folders and locked blade knives; not practising among his various activity he ties to the world of forger, but hep to the outputs that this art is able to give, he decides to ask the performance of a piece among the most meaningful forgers of damask existing.
The line of a table knife in Persian style inspires Bennica for the piece to perform in cooperation with six knifemakers chosen and that are: Henri Viallon ( French ), Fritz Schneider ( German ), Fogg Don ( American ), Heinz Denig (German ), Daril Meier ( American ), Manfred Sachse ( German ).
Obviously every knifemaker express with the forging of a typology of damask to one's own select, giving then as final output six pieces in damask different among them.
Charles Bennica is very enthusiastic of the forging job of his friends and colleagues and he thinks to give a personal touch even to the handle of the knives and chooses to implement them with fossil ivory mastodon, elephant, warthog, hippo and mammuth, this last in the clear and darken tonality.
All is successful and then Bennica adds the last touch of class to the work making a casket to contain the fruit of the job of many knivesmaker and it is realized by digging a thik block of Indonesian amboina root and subsequently decorated with ivory by the hand ot the French engraver Sandrine Lautier.
Today it is easy to appreciate at a eye hit the value of this job even if it’s patrimony of few, the capacity to recognize the quantity of efforts and care necessarie to arrive to an output of this level.

The casket of the   Magnificent Seven    is on sale at the Bottega del Coltello of Bergamo.

Eligio Ambrosioni